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Adventuridge Iceless Electric Cooler

Adventuridge Iceless Electric Cooler

Adventuridge Iceless Electric Cooler

  • Capacity: 7.93 gallons
  • Fits thirty-six 12-oz. cans, ten 1-liter bottles or six 2-liter bottles
  • Keeps contents cool. Also has a warming function
  • Cools contents to 32.4° F below room temperature or warms contents up to 149° F
  • Blue/Gray or Gray/Green
  • 12V connection for operation via a car cigarette lighter
  • 120V connection for operation via a wall power outlet
  • Cable compartment for both plugs inside the lid
  • Full PU foam insulation
  • Quick cooling and cold air distribution because of an internal fan
  • Optimal sealing with removable lid
  • Handle can be used to prop open lid halfway
  • Product Code: 96219

usu. $49.99

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A great cooler for traveling. Sure gets the job done.

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