Winking Owl Merlot Wine

Winking Owl Merlot Wine

Aldi-Love Review – Winking Owl Merlot Wine

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Special Buy??  No
Price  usu. $3.49
Pros  cheap and good!
Cons  none
Details  750 ml bottle, alcohol 12% by volume; synthetic, easy to remove cork
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I am by no means a wine connoisseur. But I know what I like. And I LOVE a Merlot.

According to the notes from the Winking Owl Vineyards in California, the style is midway between light and full-bodied. The taste is dry (the scale being Dry, Semi-Dry, Semi-Sweet and Sweet), which I love. It is supposed to pair well with steak, pork and pasta and is best served between 55 and 60 degrees.

The cork is synthetic, so it’s soft and easy to remove and there’s no danger of it breaking apart. I’ve read that synthetic corks can allow air to get into the bottle after 18 months, but I don’t think that’s a concern with this wine.

Right off the bat I noticed the fullness. I didn’t think it was light at all, although I would have liked it even better had it been more full-bodied.

The label notes subtle flavors of black cherry, mixed berries and a hint of vanilla. I didn’t notice all of that, but I liked it!!

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User Reviews

Great wine!

5 5 1
We have discovered the wonderfulness of the winking owl wines! The shiraz and merlot are really solid wines. I have actually done taste tests with some "wine appreciative" friends and they really believe the owl is a $20.00 bottle of wine. It's so great to watch their reaction when I tell them it's $2.89. Cork included. People are catching on in our Aldi though - it's out of stock more than in stock now. We know on Wednesday's they get their shipment in now so we are never lacking. On that day people are walking out of the store with cases (just like Trader Joe's). We just love Aldi!

Amazing taste

5 5 1
I got this in a pinch right before dinner at my parents house this worked as a good table wine for dinner.

4 5 1
Compares admirably to Two-Buck Chuck, which is Three Buck here in Illinois. It's no fine vintage to be cellared but as a good table wine, it's excellent at the price.

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