Assorted Pork Chops

Assorted Pork Chops at Aldi

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I love, love the Baby Back Ribs and the Pork Chops from Aldi's. Always delicious.

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I buy Roseland boneless loin center cut pork chops from Aldi's and love them. They are just the right thickness and size and very tender. Usually, I marinate them and cook on the grill or sometimes just season them and broil them. With just the two of us at home this is packaged just the right size for us. My last buy was Wednesday, June 22, at the Aldi's in Aiken, SC. Four nice cuts cost me $3.58. Great buy!! My husband has diabetes and sometimes gets gout and we have been told pork is okay for him to eat. Since he is a "confirmed meat-eater" this is great for him.

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The thin-sliced pork cuts are delicious. Easy, quick meal. They have salt water added for tenderness.

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I purchased the assorted pork chops. I breaded them, bowned them in a skillet and then finshed baking in the oven. I was very disappointed in the concistency of the meat. The breading was crisp but eh meat was mushy.Very unappetizing. Will not buy them again. Are they perhaps pre-tenderized which may have caused the mushy consistency?

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