Aldi’s Frozen Food Aisle is Awesome

Aldi frozen foodFrozen Foods

Frozen Food Selections at Aldi

Shop Aldi’s frozen food section and you’ll never have to cook again! You can pick up food for all three squares – and dessert, to boot!

Aldi’s Mama Cozzi’s brand offers, in my opinion, the best frozen pizza out there. The self-rising crust pizzas are available in the freezer and refrigerator sections.

Individually frozen chicken parts include wings, thighs, and breasts (boneless or with rib). There’s frozen ground beef, in chubbs and patties, and steaks. The coveted breaded veal patties are a special buy item that pops up in October and again in the Spring.

You’ll find individually frozen tilapia and salmon and an assortment of shrimp, as well as fish sticks and frozen breaded and battered fillets.

Cheesecakes and pies are the staples of the frozen desserts, along with a wide variety of ice cream – half gallon, cups, bars, sandwiches and sometimes gelato.

In addition, there’s frozen:

  • vegetables (usually corn, broccoli, mixed medley)
  • potatoes (french fries, steak fries)
  • pierogies
  • apple and orange juice
  • waffles and pancakes
  • sandwich pockets (like Hot Pockets)

One thought on “Aldi’s Frozen Food Aisle is Awesome

  1. I have found so much at Aldi that I would have never found somewhere else. For instance, there was a special buy of artisan pasta with flavor packet tied with raffia, not usually something I would look at, but the flavors and the price caught my attention. I have used these to make casseroles, soups, etc. and they are fabulous. You can cook up some bacon, onion, peppers in a sauté pan, add the packet and wine instead of water, add to the cooked pasta, serve with the parmesan in the little tub and you have restaurant quality food for very little. I just tried the truffle mac and cheese, its awesome, but next time I have IDEAS!! lol

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