Belmont Frozen Gourmet Pie

Belmont Frozen Gourmet Pie

Belmont Frozen Gourmet Pie

  • Raspberry Almond, Chocolate Crème, Key Lime, Strawberry Pretzel or Banana Caramel
  • Frozen.
  • Product Code: 55463
  • 26.5-34 oz.

usu. $4.89 – $5.99

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User Reviews

Foam on a pie shell

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Very thick crust that was hard to cut with a knife. Filling has some taste but it was just foam. I had to throw away

Cool whip in pie dish

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The whole pie consists of a crust filled with super sweet almond flavored cool whip covered by a thin layer of raspberry coulis. Very runny, cutting it is not an option, just give every guest a spoon and all can dig into this mess together!

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