Fusia Mini Pork Egg Rolls

Aldi Fusia Mini Egg Rolls

Fusia Mini Pork Egg Rolls

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**Aldi-Love Note: I haven’t seen the PORK egg rolls in my area recently, just chicken and vegetable. Please comment below if you’ve been able to find them at your local Aldi store.

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User Reviews

More eggrolls please

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My grandson loves the Fusia mini eggrolls, especially the chicken (7 to a package) but unfortunately they are not carried regularly in the frozen foods department. Is there any way that this could happen? When you do have them, I get as many boxes as I can, as he loves to have them in his school lunch.

Fusan Pork Eggrolls

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The perfect addition to any Asian meal. The whole family loves these. Even better than any brand I've ever tried.

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