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Sea Queen Shrimp Fajita or Taco Mix

Sea Queen Shrimp Fajita or Taco Mix

Sea Queen Shrimp Fajita or Taco Mix

  • Frozen.
  • Fajita or Taco
  • Product Code: 55477
  • 10 oz.

usu. $4.79

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User Reviews


5 5 1
They were delicious! I ate a full package myself and so did my husband. Pricey, but you would expect to pay a little extra for the convenience. In literally less than ten minutes i had a delivious, nutritious meal on the table and little cleanup! Please bring these back as a regular item.

Sea Queen Shrimp Fajita or Taco Mix

5 5 1
This item is delicious, Please make it a regular item in the stores.

Bring it back!!

5 5 1
I tried the Shrimp Taco mix and it was fabulous. I went to our Aldi's to get more and they were gone! Please say you will make this a regular item!!!

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