Gardenline 7-Piece LED Pathway Lighting Set

Gardenline 7-Piece LED Pathway Lighting Set

Gardenline 7-Piece LED Pathway Lighting Set 

  • 150 lumen spotlights, 100 lumen pathway lights
  • Customize your own outdoor lighting scene with an assortment of lights
  • Includes 4 pathway lights, 2 spotlights and 1 low voltage transformer
  • Photosensor turns lights on automatically when it gets dark
  • Easy to install, no tools required
  • Product Code: 55588

Usu. $69.99

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Mr. Smeader

5 5 1
The first set of lights I got where damaged and I took them back and they gave me a new set and I put them in and they have been working just fine for me. I went back and bought 3 more sets for other people and they love them.

Gone thru 2 sets now, faulty product

1 5 1
First set worked for 2 months, I returned it and got a replacement figuring it was just a lemon. 2nd set went out within 2 weeks. A lot of work and hassle, I wish Aldi didn't stock this garbage.

Low voltage lights

1 5 1
Lights look good but after installing can't get them to light

Looked really nice... When they worked

2 5 1
Bought this set during a landscape project. They installed easily, there is plenty of cord between each light, the solar sensor was well timed but about 2 weeks after install they stopped working. I've done some basic troubleshooting like test the outlet, clean and reposition the sensor, check each light's connection but they will not turn on. Very disappointing as we looked the look on our house.

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