Gardenline Cordless Blower

Gardenline Cordless Blower

Gardenline Cordless Blower

  • 20V Lithium-Ion powered battery
  • 1.5Ah battery
  • Ideal for sweeping and collecting yard debris
  • Battery life indicator
  • Product Code: 43469

Usu. $39.99

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how to get a battery

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If you want a battery for the blower no. 43469 buy a Workzone cordless drill for $40, or other Workzone cordless tool with a 1.5 AH, 20 v battery. Think of it this way, you pay $40 for a battery and get the cordless drill free. it comes with a power supply that plugs into the battery. Evidently the charger is built in. Make sure you get a battery with the model number ZDBP2004. Or if you want to sell the blower without the battery I will buy it. Now, where can I get the blower??

Gardenline Cordless Blowe

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Where can I get a battery???


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where can i get battery charger?

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