Gardenline Electric Blower Vac

Gardenline Electric Blower Vac Gardenline Electric Blower Vac

Gardenline Electric Blower Vac

3-in-1 blower/vac/mulcher

12 amp

Collection bag with 2-bushel capacity

Product Code: 4222

Special Buy – usu. $21.99


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User Reviews

Leaf blower bag

4 5 1
Great product except collection bag ripped. Need replacement.


2 5 1
Good vac but the bag did not last long. Zipper broke and bag started tearing have to buy another bag

Gardenline blower/vac

2 5 1
Will they ever come up with a new type collection bag? The blower/vac works well, but the bag gives out quickly.

Gardenline Electric Blower

4 5 1
Works great but bag rips easily ordered a new bag and had same problem. Now I cannot even find a replacement. Place I ordered 1st bag from does not have in stock and hasn't for 6 months...sheesh! Help! Any suggestions?

Great leaf vac; worthless collection bag

1 5 1
The vac is very good and I'd give it a five star rating, the collection bag is worthless which sadly brings my rating down to a one star. There was already tearing going on after the first use. Definitely need a more durable bag with this. Tried to order replacement bags and couldn't find anyplace to even do that. Too bad, as I won't buy another Gardenline vac as a result.

Gardenline elec. blower/vac

4 5 1
Easy to use, works great as a blower and a vac, lightweight. Only problem is the bag; tears easily. Punctures by the smallest twigs that get in. Ordered a replacement bag, but that one also got torn apart, even though I was being very careful not to pick up any twigs.

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