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Gardenline Hedge Shears – Lopper Assortment

Gardenline Hedge Shears - Lopper Assortment  Gardenline Hedge Shears - Lopper Assortment

Gardenline Hedge Shears – Lopper Assortment

24″ Hedge Shears, 29″ Bypass Gear Lopper or 29″ Gear Anvil Lopper

Product Code: 93488

Special Buy – usu. $9.99


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I bought an individual Green Gardenline Lopper a couple years ago and was shocked at how great the quality was. We got our 1st Aldi store near us and wanted to try some of their brands. I LOVE IT! I did have to use some oil on it to get it to open & close at first (but as it was new I figured it needed some or to just be broken in) it's worked great ever since. Just needs a little oil every now & then as to be expected.

Gear Anvil Lopper - best ever

5 5 1
This is the best lopper I've ever owned. If the piece of would could fit it the jaws, this lopper could cut it. Cut thick branches, cleanly and easily. Ran over the handle by accident once - no damage. Left it outside once - no rust. Disappear when I had a tree crew in to do some work. I wouldn't surprised if it was stolen. If Aldi sells these again, I'm buying at least 3.

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