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Fitness and Health – Aldi Helps You Get in Shape

Fitness and health buys, as you can imagine, are the focus at the beginning of the year. Just in time for those resolutions.

You’ll also find fitness special buys at the beginning of spring. Just in time to renew those resolutions and vow to shape up by summer.

To be clear, there won’t be any large equipment items like treadmills and elliptical machines (although you never can tell with Aldi).

But you will see mini-trampolines, workout bars, dumbbells, yoga mats and exercise balls, pedal exercisers, ankle/wrist weights and resistance tubing just to start.

There will usually be some exercise and fitness clothing, like yoga pants, performance shorts and tanks, and no-show socks. Recent buys have included kitchen and body fat scales.

To help you eat right, Aldi’s Fit & Active brand features items like yogurt, egg whites, turkey bacon, low-fat granola, meal bars, salad dressings, ice cream bars and sandwiches and tons of snack items.

If you have ongoing health care concerns, Aldi can be a super alternative to the regular pharmacies. Particularly, if you’re on a limited budget or don’t have Medicaid coverage.

As mentioned, these items are available only at certain times of the year. Watch the sales circulars and be ready to get great deals.

Remember, these special buys items are typically on the shelves until they’re sold out.

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