Crane Body Heating-Cooling Pad

Crane Body Heating-Cooling Pad

Crane Body Heating-Cooling Pad

  • Hot/cold treatment: Heating pad & cold gel insert
  • Multifunctional for use on joints, back, shoulders and all over
  • Stays in place with two-piece adjustable strap
  • Keeps you going: Maintains your active lifestyle
  • Product Code: 55114

usu. $19.99

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User Reviews

Great Deal

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I’ve only used it 2 or 3 times so far, but I’ve used both the cold and the heat and they have both worked flawlessly. The versatility of it is awesome. I’m VERY happy with this clearance shelf fine!


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It looks good. The pad heats up well. I noticed the heating element of the pad uses 12 volts DC. Is it possible to get an adapter for using it in a car ?

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