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Crane Fitness Hula Hoop, Multiuse Workout Bar or Ab Trimmer

Crane Fitness Hula Hoop, Multiuse Workout Bar or Ab Trimmer

Crane Fitness Hula Hoop, Multiuse Workout Bar or Ab Trimmer

  • Exercise chart included
  • Multiuse Workout Bar: Optimal training for the upper body, can be easily mounted to standard size door frames, rubber grip for a secure hold, exercise chart included, multiple grip positions for targeted workouts, easily installs in doorways without damage to woodwork, no screws or tools required to mount, suitable for doors 26.7-31.9″ wide, door frame depth 4.7-6.7″ and thickness of the frame above the door at least 0.8″
  • Ab Trimmer: Perform effective abdominal crunches, targets and sculpts abs, works the core instantly, easy to assemble, padded headrest gives support to the head and neck, nonslip padded handles and is 2.5 lb.
  • Fitness Hula Hoop: Weighted for added resistance and faster toning, padded for extra comfort, effective cardio workout, strengthens and tones core muscles, 39.3″ diameter, easy assembly and disassembles for storage
  • Product Code: 95607

usu. $12.99

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